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XtraView Installation Cape Town

XtraView overview


Xtra view is the same concept as the old dual view but is achieved in n different medium.The xtra view setup will allow you to view separate channels in two different viewing environments for one subscription. Two decoders are synchronized to give you the xtraview or dual view capability which means for R55 a month extra on your monthly premium you get dual view or in this case xtraview.


    Interactive services (TV Guide, Super Sport Active ,  Parental Control and Title Search)

    PVR functionality (Live tv pause , FF, REW, Playlist and dstv on demand)


XtraView decoder compatibility


DSD 1110 -Single View

DSD 1131 -Single View

SD PVR –Dual View and records one

HD PVR TDS 850 –Single view and records two

HD PVR P2 – Single view and records one

                                                DSTV HD-HD-Decoder-R4499The package was R 4499 now        R 4399
X2 hd pvr decs + dish kit + x2 remotes + x2 smart cards + twin lnb + dish kit + multi-switch + 25 mtr free cable + installation to two points

                                          The package was R 3899 now R  2899
x1 pvr 2 decoder + dsd 1132 decoder + twin lnb + multi-switch + x2 smart cards + x2 remotes +dish kit + installation to 2
point + 20 mtr free cable

                                   The package was R 1799 now R 1600
x2 dsd 1132 decoders + twin lnb + dish kit + x2 smart cards + x2 remotes + 15 mtr free cable + installation to 2 points

What are the benefits of the HD PVR + SD PVR combo?

Can't decide who gets control of the PVR remote control each night? Need more than 80 hours of recording capacity?


The HD PVR + SD PVR XtraView combo delivers a full triple view PVR viewing experience. You have PVR functionality (including pause Live TV, FF, REW, access to the playlist) in 3 separate viewing environments, and interactive services in two.


You can view a different channel (live, from the buffer or playback) on three different TVs, while simultaneously recording three other channels. You can also access both playlists from each environment.


The HD PVR Favourite Channels feature and the HD Channel is available in one environment and you can even set different Parental Control levels for each decoder. Add to this a combined recording capacity of 230 hours (1) and you are guaranteed to get so much more.

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